A Tongue Stabilizer Can Improve Sleep Apnea and Snoring

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Snoring is a problem among American adults and even children, and while it typically is non-threatening, snoring paired with interrupted breathing can be caused by sleep apnea and result in other health complications. To address snoring resulting from sleep apnea, you may need to wear and care for a tongue stabilizer to improve your condition.

Our team at Keller Town Dental is pleased to provide many different options for snoring treatment to address breathing problems. Prior to trying a treatment option to improve snoring, you should visit with your physician to ensure your sleep apnea is properly diagnosed. In severe cases of sleep apnea, you may need to wear a CPAP, or a positive pressure treatment device, to allow for proper air flow during sleep to prevent interrupted breathing and snoring.

More mild-to-moderate sleep apnea may be treated with a nighttime snore guard provided by your physician or dentist, such as a tongue stabilizer. This type of snore guard is commonly preferred by patients who wear dentures because because it doesn’t need to be fixed to the teeth during use. A tongue stabilizer works to hold the tongue and soft palate in proper position so that they don’t impede your breathing during sleep.

It’s important to care for your tongue stabilizer every morning by brushing the device with a toothbrush and denture polish so that all bacteria and plaque particles are removed. Brush your tongue as well to rinse off bacteria and keep your breath fresh. Use a clean paper towel to thoroughly dry the appliance before storing it safely in its case.

If you are interested in receiving a tongue stabilizer in Keller, Texas, we invite you to call Keller Town Dental at 817-337-7941 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Bartholomew Paxton.