Simple extraction (also called a closed extraction) is a tooth removal procedure that can be accomplished using a traditional technique, as compared to those teeth that require surgical extraction. Generally, teeth that can be removed by simple extractions in Keller, Texas, have straight roots and enough tooth structure extending through the gums for permit access. “Simple” implies that the tooth does not need to be cut into sections, and that no incision is made in the gum tissue to gain access to the tooth.

Surgical extraction (also called open extraction) is a tooth removal procedure in which surgical access is required to remove a tooth. Even if the tooth is partially visible, surgery may be necessary to remove it. The procedure may involve sectioning the tooth into two or more pieces, not matter if a soft tissue incision is made. Surgical extraction does not mean that the dentist removing the tooth has advanced training in oral surgery, and you should not be billed for a surgical extraction unless the tooth is sectioned into pieces, or an incision into soft tissue is made. Surgical extraction includes removal of impacted wisdom teeth, but this does not mean that all wisdom teeth requiring removal must be removed surgically.

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