Occlusal (night) guards are used for individuals who clench or grind their teeth, or have temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders. Our lab creates an appliance that is soft on the inside for comfort and hard on the outside for durability. We take impressions of your teeth in our office then send them to the lab where the guard is custom made for a perfect fit. These professional guards provided at Keller Town Dental are much higher quality those available over-the-counter, and are much more comfortable to wear. A night guard in Keller, Texas, can relieve jaw pain and protect your teeth from the damage caused by grinding your teeth. Dr. Bartholomew Paxton may also suggest night guards for patients who have crowns or veneers to protect their dental work. Please contact our team at 817-337-7941 to learn more, or to arrange an appointment with our dentist.