At Keller Town Dental, we are happy to see all members of your family, including your kids! When children have healthy teeth, our pediatric dental services in Keller, Texas, entail a cleaning, an X-ray if needed, an exam with our dentist, and a fluoride treatment. If the child happens to need an additional dental procedure, we can see them on Dr. Bartholomew Paxton’s side of the office. We try to create an environment in which children feel comfortable by letting them pick a channel on the television; and using a technique called tell-show-do to make sure they understand their dental care.

When it comes to relieving anxiety, most children do very well with nitrous oxide. Parents are always welcome to stay in the waiting room, or come back with their child for a procedure. If a child needs extensive treatment or if we determine that your child needs more specialized treatment, we will refer you to a pediatric dentist. Referrals are rare and, of course, we prefer to treat our patients at our office. But, we will always make the decision that is best for your child. Please call us at 817-337-7941 to organize your child’s visit and read more about Happy Visits, designed to build trust and confidence in young children.