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If you are experiencing a severe toothache or swelling in the gums, you may need to receive root canal treatment. This procedure famously causes patients to worry, but it is highly misunderstood. By addressing the myths of root canal treatment and actual truths, you can learn if this treatment is right for you.

A common misconception of root canal treatment is that it is painful, but it can actually help you find relief from pain. The pain of a toothache results from diseased tissues in a tooth that are removed during the procedure. While root canals were often painful in the past, advancements in dentistry have helped root canal treatment feel like the placement of a dental filling.

If you are concerned about root canal treatment being linked to illness, this myth is not supported with scientific evidence. Furthermore, the bacteria in an infected tooth is removed by root canal treatment to prevent additional health complications.

Many patients are interested in learning about alternative to root canals, but it is typically preferable to having the tooth removed. Dr. Bartholomew Paxton and our team strive to preserve natural tooth when possible so that you need not experience the limitations of artificial teeth, such as removing certain foods from your diet. Receiving root canal treatment can be less expensive than replacing a tooth with a dental bridge or implant.

If you have questions about receivings root canal treatment in Keller, Texas, our dentist is happy to address your concerns. Please feel free to contact Keller Town Dental at 817-337-7941 today to schedule your appointment.