Mouthguards 101

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If you ever watch professional sports, you’ve seen athletes playing with their mouthguards. Their need for one is pretty obvious – but is your need for one as visible?

Well, it depends on what you’re doing, and the risk presented to your teeth. Not everyone needs a mouthguard, but to help you know if you do or not, let’s take a look at the process.

When you need one
Any time that you find yourself in a position where your teeth could get hurt, a mouthguard is an automatic necessity. Often, a dentist will see knocked-out, cracked, or chipped teeth as a result of not wearing a mouthguard during these sports.

Additionally, if you participate in any other sports or activities where there’s a risk to your teeth getting damaged, Dr. Bartholomew Paxton strongly recommends you get a mouthguard.

What type should I get?
Picking the right mouthguard comes down to one thing – comfort. Some store bought guards work well for people. These are good in a pinch, but you’ll see the best results if you come into our office at Keller Town Dental in Keller, Texas, and get fitted for a custom mouthguard.

This ensures that your guard is made to protect your mouth specifically, and not mass-produced to match a wide range of possible mouth sizes. Ideally, your guard will be custom fit – and more comfortable – just for your mouth.

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