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Did you know that many DIY teeth whitening methods may be effective when it comes to giving you a whiter and brighter smile, but could actually have an adverse effect on your oral health? It’s true! Many of the commonly used DIY whitening methods such as activated charcoal, baking soda/hydrogen peroxide paste, and swishing coconut oil, although effective for some, have not been proven by the American Dental Association to work yet.

Our team at Keller Town Dental in Keller, Texas, is familiar with the different whitening treatments available and is committed to providing you with your best smile possible. What is important to remember about smiles, however, is that there are two components: the appearance or whiteness of your teeth, and the actual health of your teeth. Dr Bartholomew Paxton, our dentist wants you to not only have the most beautiful smile possible but the healthiest as well.

DIY whitening methods may provide you with a whiter smile, but in most cases, they can wear away at your tooth enamel, and as a result, your smile will be left more vulnerable to yellowing and decay. The best way to have a white smile is to prevent yellowing from taking place in the first place by taking preventative measures like daily brushing and flossing. Even using a whitening mouthwash can be helpful.

As you can see, there are many ways to whiten your teeth, but the safest way is to have a professional cleaning so that your overall oral health is not negatively affected. To schedule an appointment for a whitening treatment, call at 817-337-7941 and speak with one of our capable staff. We are happy to help you with all your oral health needs and are excited for your next visit to our office.