Some Tips for Careful Brushing

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Brushing seems simple enough, but many of us can take a little more care when we do it. There are many tips and guidelines that can help, but right now we have two that we would like to share with you.

Don’t Be Too Tough
The notion that we are cleaning our teeth may lead us to scrub hard. However, we do not need to be so hard. Our enamel can be fairly strong, but overzealous scrubbing can rub it off over time. Enamel is one of the many things about ourselves that we cannot get back once it is gone.

Brushing is still a good idea, we just need to find the right balance between scrubbing and being gentle. As long as we do not go overboard with our desires to get rid of plaque, our enamel can last us for much longer and hopefully for life.

After a Meal, Try Drinking Some Water or Chewing Sugarless Gum
Brushing after a meal can be a good idea. Doing so immediately may not, however, particularly if we ate something that was acidic. Enamel can be softened somewhat by acidic foods and drinks, so brushing can be more likely to rub it off, even with the more gentle strokes.

Instead, we can wait for the issue to clear up, and do one or two things to counteract the acidity of the foods we may have eaten. One thing we can do is drink some water, which can wash food debris away and bring the acidity down. Popping in some sugarless gum and chewing it can cause our mouths create more saliva, which can also wash away debris and counteract acids. After that, it can help to wait about thirty minutes. By that time, the enamel should be durable again.

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