Treating a Chipped Tooth with a Dental Crown

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The densely packed microscopic crystals that make up your tooth enamel are very strong but can be affected if you have habit of chewing pencils or grinding your teeth or are struck in the face. If you develop a chipped tooth, you may need to receive restorative dentistry like a dental crown to stop the development of a cavity.

We encourage you to seek treatment right away, or else the chip may develop a cavity from harboring food particles and plaque. Keller Town Dental can often repair tooth damage with a dental filling, but a large chip may necessitate a dental crown. We can provide a dental crown that is created with base metal alloys, gold or porcelain and shaped to look like your original tooth. Dental crowns have hollow insides so that they can cover vulnerable teeth for a long time.

At your first appointment, the tooth is removed of its tooth enamel and shaped into an abutment that fits the crown. Then, a detailed impression of your bite pattern is submitted to a dental lab to craft the dental crown after your natural smile. You may need to receive a temporary crown in the meantime. At the second appointment, we place your new crown in your smile.

To learn more about the process of a dental crown in Keller, Texas, contact Keller Town Dental at 817-337-7941 today to speak with our dentist, Dr. Bartholomew Paxton.